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常陸学院 日本留学 日本語学校 茨城県 水戸市 東京近郊

      Our Hitachi Language School not only supplies knowledge (Japanese language education), but also strengthens the moral education and builds up studentís living skills.
For students, Japanese language school is the first step of long studying-abroad life. In this very precious moment, we bring up our students to master Japanese language, to learn about manner in Japanese life, which can be applied not only in Japan but in an international world.   

      We have set our target to be such an education organization. Different from Tokyo, Mito has very few foreigners, so itís a perfect place to master the conversation skill. Here, you will experience a lot of things that you canít have in Tokyo! Letís study and try with us in Mito. We always welcome your visit to our school.

    Mito City of Ibaragi is surrounded in the rich nature of sea and mountain, it is warm and is a fine place to live in. Mito has been named since about 1400. I think, itís a very great experience for each student who can learn in such a long historic place.   I myself have learned Japanese traditional dance for 40 years. I am very pleased that I can learn Japanese culture and manner through the Japanese traditional dance.


常陸学院 日本留学 日本語学校 茨城県 水戸市 東京近郊Beginner Course
常陸学院 日本留学 日本語学校 茨城県 水戸市 東京近郊

We use not only text books, but we apply many drawings, photos, teaching material. Our classrooms have the great fun atmosphere, in which each student can learn to speak actively.
The target of Beginner course is to master 2,000 vocabularies and 500 kanji, and can pass Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

常陸学院 日本留学 日本語学校 茨城県 水戸市 東京近郊 Intermediate Course

We have the class of Reading, Listening and Conversation. Furthermore, we open the Hitachi Culture Classroom for good understanding of Japanese Culture.
The target of Beginner course is to master 7,000 vocabularies and 1,000 kanji, and can pass Level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

常陸学院 日本留学 日本語学校 茨城県 水戸市 東京近郊 High-Level Course

We prepare this course for Japanese University Entrance Exam for foreign students. The target is to master 10,000 vocabularies and 2,000 kanji, and can pass Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

We also prepare the conversation class for Beginner Course, Intermediate Course and High-Level Course. And our school arranges the Hokkaido Trip etc.,

 We not only teach Japanese language to pass the test, but we also want our students to master the real Japanese. .

This is our Scholl curriculumís characteristic. After class students can also use the multimedia room (which has computers) for their own studies

常陸学院 日本留学 日本語学校 茨城県 水戸市 東京近郊

Hitachi Culture Classroom
Our school has established the Hitachi Culture Classroom.

Students not only can learn Japanese, but in our school they can experience Japanese culture, such as Japanese traditional dance, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, kimono wearing etc.

You may find this kind of class in some universities, but itís very hard to find such class in Japanese language schools.


 Hitachi Language School has the dormitory. We not only give class to our students in the class, but we guide them 24 hours after class. In each room we prepare computers equipped with web cam. Students can use internet for free, and can make a phone call from each room.

常陸学院 日本留学 日本語学校 茨城県 水戸市 東京近郊

Part-time jobs

   Hitachi Language Schoolprovides information about studentís part-time job.
Our school is near the sea, so there are plenty of jobs such as fishery job, restaurants, or supermarket etc.